Lenzman – “Looking At The Stars”

Lenzman releases his debut LP on Metalheadz and in doing so proves that he is a skilled producer worthy of such nobility.

“Looking On The Stars” presents 15 tracks of well thought out, soulful Drum & Bass that has been described by dBridge as “something that sounds mature and accomplished from start to finish, something that many could learn from.”

“Lazy Dub,” the album’s opening track, is aptly named as it’s a smooth, relaxed affair. It rolls along hazily and flows elegantly with its catchy melody. DRS presents some of his best vocals on “Just Can’t Take It.” He keeps up well with the jazzy pace of  piano and the two flow together nicely to present a sharp, upbeat number. “Paper Faces” features Martyna Baker on vocals and is arguably one of the albums stand-out tracks. “Paper Faces” is delicate and jazzy, it begins with playful piano notes layered over with Baker’s soft hum and a simple, warm melodic bassline. Martyna’s vocals really bring life to this track and wash the room with a rich, classy atmosphere. “Paper Faces” is Lenzman at his most mature and the track is an absolute pleasure to drop into a mix. The album finishes with a worthy closer, “Starz” featuring Canadian Kevin King on vocals. Unlike the album’s opener, “Starz” is a lively affair that erupts with an uplifting piano progression and a deep rolling bassline. King’s vocals supply the track with a healthy dose of emotion and further reinforce its uplifting atmosphere, it’s a great track that brings the album to an elegant, emotional end.

Lenzman has delivered a polished, mature debut and a worthy contender for Metalheadz’s best release of 2014.


Written by Alex Lewis