NEWS: Fly Lo Drops Kuso Poster

Multi-genre producer Flying Lotus has further piqued interest in his Sundance-premiering film Kuso by revealing its appropriately bold and wacky promotional poster.

The film, a debut feature by the talented young artist, stars funk singer George Clinton and comedian Hannibal Buress (among others), and takes place in the aftermath of a Los Angeles earthquake. The poster, designed by Winston Hacking and Brainfeeder, is a garish, lurid mash-up of nightmarish figures, seeming to reflect Fly Lo’s statement that, “The idea behind Kuso is simple. It’s pretty much everything I’m afraid of.”

Fans of electronic music are already salivating over the film’s soundtrack, which will feature new and original music from greats such as Aphex Twin, Thundercat, Captain Murphy and Akira Yamoaka.