Venture through the Mezzanine of Aiden Francis’s latest EP

It’s been a week since we sat down with Aiden Francis and discussed his unique approach to creating music in an exclusive interview. In the short time, a lot has happened for the producer including the release of his highly anticipated EP, Mezzanine which is making its way around the world and into the headphones of eager fans everywhere. The EP features four carefully crafted tracks, starting with the vibrant single, ‘Revolver’, the shortest of the tracks but still sitting at nearly five and a half minutes.  

Stream / Download: Mezzanine EP

The previously released single, ‘Elegy’ arrives next, written as an ode to pre-covid clubbing days and the freedoms that were taken for granted. Next we have ‘Porcelain’ – both delicate and ethereal with organic elements woven in. If a wealthy alien were throwing a spring party in their garden, this would be the first on their playlist. The title track ends the EP, reverting to the way of the retro and winding down the night with gentle cascading tones. The evening has been a success: the waves of memories and melodious basslines lap around you and gently pull you into slumber. Aiden Francis, purveyor of fine sounds, is here to restore normality to the world. 

Speaking of the EP, Aiden Francis tells us: “I started creating and forming this release back in 2019. At the time, I was repeatedly getting stuck in a musical rut with no clear artist or musical direction. So when I started working on the title track ‘Mezzanine’, all the other tracks fell into place after that. By the time 2020 came around, the EP was pretty much done but when the Covid pandemic hit, I found myself with a lot more time to sit removed from outside influence. So I sat back down with the tracks to refine and perfect them. My recording process for this started out quite relaxed but it then became some sort of lifeline for me over those lonely and scary months. This is why most of the tracks are less heavy dance floor orientated and more for those moments of bliss at home, the end of the night or that 7 am walk home from the club.” 

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