NERO release anticipated new rework of ‘Innocence’

British electronic trio NERO release new reworking of their track ‘Innocence’

While complete news for an upcoming full length release may still be unclear, it’s evident that NERO (Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray, Alana Watson) still have what it takes. While their 2011 masterpiece Welcome Reality, and 2015’s Between II Worlds are still extensively played throughout clubs, cars and homes all around the world, the band prepare for what can only mean exciting times ahead.

‘Innocence’ saw NERO shift their attention to darker textures, with a spellbound beat in place as a throbbing basslines are drenched in dense female vocals, while lines repeat the remorseful phrase “You’ll never be mine”, following you awash with sorrow.

Stream ‘Innocence (Reopened)’ below –

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