Experimental music producer JORI SJÖROOS releases mind-bending album

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JORI SJÖROOS, a kind-hearted, multi-award-winning producer has just released his genre-defying album, SJÖROOTS via his own label – 11 ONES. Released today, the album features numerous songs, including the dramatic singles, “LEAVING THE EARTH” and “GOTH PERREO”. However, it’s his previously unreleased track, “SNTARIEN” that particularly stands out for us with its joyfully light mood. It would be misleading to say that the song will give you a hint of what to expect within the album, as the producer dips and dives through genres and unique production styles throughout. 

“In July 2019, I asked, what would happen if I sit down in my studio, wait and listen? I chose not to limit myself in what would come out, or through me. That lead me on a journey, a journey into myself. Of darkness and struggles, fear and hate, light and love, and everything in between. It was a spiritual journey, a healing journey. I touched the infinity, the eternal source of creativity and let it guide me. The journey turned into sounds, into songs, and into energy.”JORI SJÖROOS tells us about the spiritual journey that lead to the creation of the album.

The album also features the vocals of JORI’s wife, Chisu, a multi-award-winning artist within her own right with hundreds of millions of views across streaming platforms. Together, the two run the label, 11 ONES and explore the realms of music.



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