EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Five Minutes With… The Bloody Beetroots

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka The Bloody Beetroots, will be returning to his European roots for a headlining performance at London’s Electric Brixton. 

Having been on the electronic dance music scene for over a decade, Rifo has used his experience to create high quality tracks – both live and recorded, and his name has become synonymous with the ascent of the genre.

We caught up with him ahead of the show…

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

I call my sound a window that leads to a precipice of creative freedom. A loud punch in the face that makes your legs tremble

What are the 5 albums that have influenced you the most? 

I would like to mention only one, simply because it is better to give a brief, precise and straightforward information to the point, so : Switched-On Bach by Wendy Carlos

Are there any key pieces of equipment that you are using to define your sound?

In the writing stage I’m just a guitar or a piano guy. In the sound processing journey, it’s anything I can plug to a pog and add fuzz .

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting your music together?

I believe if you have a good story to tell then you also have a good title that could be a good song. In a nutshell, I live my life intensely and i love expressing it in music. I believe that there are very few secrets in creating music itself, but what is unique is the very essence of people, that is the substantial difference between music and MUSIC.

What’s the best gig you have ever done and why?

The best concert ever has been in Australia at the Big Day Out. Memorable because it was also the first TBB live show intended as a live band. The energy was crazy and I was lucky enough to get an unforgettable journey with unforgettable artists.

And the worst?

Still waiting for it

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

Probably a climber and a photographer. Two jobs to take when I’m done with the TBB project

If you had to choose between never playing live again, or never being able to release music again… Which would you go for, and why?

I would like to continue to produce music until the end of my days, I can safely give up being on stage..

Jean-Michel Jarre said, “I would say that rock and roll was born in America and invaded the world. And electronic music was born in Europe and invaded the world.” What are your thoughts on this statement?

In 2017 I would also like to add that America has destroyed electronic music and Europe is redefining rock and roll.

Finally… In a perfect world, what are you up to at this time next year?

Therefore…During this time next year I would like to be hiking around the Dolomites to bring some new stories and maybe encounter some ibex to follow. This is already a perfect world, don’t you think so?

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Listen to The Bloody Beetroots 2013 album Hide:

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