Interview: 5 minutes with Kaixen

Kaixen is a Miami born native producer/guitarist. Trained as a contemporary jazz guitarist, his choice to pursue music as a profession was drawn from growing up with musical influences of his father.  

We chat about gigs, genres and formulas.

Sounds like?

Let’s make out, feel good, or let’s sit at home and listen to something inspiring and fun kinda music. The one thing about me is I’m constantly changing and so is the music, but right now I’d definitely say it is Indie Electronic with a touch of RnB, pop and urban.

List  5 albums and artists that have influenced you the most.

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon.

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap.
Usher – Confessions.
The 1975 – Self Titled.
Kid Cudi – Man On the Moon.

Key supplements to the music?

Ableton live and my Fender Strat. Believe it or not, I just use my Macbook keyboard. I find it to be a lot more fun taking a caveman/untrained aspect to making music.

Favourite gig?

There’s this party down here called The Love Below. I performed an old EP live and it was a packed house. I was really nervous being that it was my first live set but the crowd responded really well to it, it was cool seeing people vibe to my music in a club atmosphere for the first time.

Your take on the following genres?

Classical – Don’t listen to it, but I respect it heavily. Genius minds.

Blues – I grew up as a blues and jazz guitarist, I love it.

Soul – I fucking love soul music.

Hip-Hop – Believe it or not, I don’t listen to much rap or hip-hop. I work heavily in the genre, I love the music, but can’t listen to too much of it. I feel like it’s so saturated right now that it clouds my ear sometimes.

Folk – I lowkey used to make folk music in middle school, but now it bores the shit out of me. However, I can go for a nice folk tune and some tea on a rainy wednesday.

Trap – Depends, real trap, like from atlanta, that’s the shit. EDM Trap, not too big on it.

Any happenings in the pipeline?

Pecado drops in October. I also produce and perform in a three piece Alternative/Indie/RnB group called WNWD. We’ll be releasing a project and material very very soon.