ULTRADEMON- “Durian Rider”

ULTRADEMON ANNOUNCES “DURIAN RIDER” LP LABEL: THE PLAYGROUND Records RELEASE DATE: 27th November 2015 Chicago’s Ultrademon (aka Albert Redwine) follows his 2012 Seapunk debut LP for Richard D James’s Rephlex label, sophomore effort Voidic Charms on Coral Records Internazionale, and the Hakim Bey-influenced Pirate Utopias with a third album that

MOLO- Hello Goodbye ft. Catarina Moreno by ThePlayground Records Electronic music duo MOLO release their debut single entitled “Hello Goodbye” via THE PLAYGROUND Records. Featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals from incredible singer Catarina Moreno, the release has been remixed by none other than OM UNIT, KRAZY BALDHEAD (Ed Banger), MAXX BAER, STENCHMAN’s

Daktyl- 101 by Daktyl Daktyl announces the release of his second EP entitled 101 available worldwide on 16th December on digital format via The Playground Records. Daktyl has obtained a vast array of mainstream radio support from stations such as BBC Radio 1 and wonextensive exposure on tastemaking underground radio

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