Daktyl announces the release of his second EP entitled 101 available worldwide on 16th December on digital format via The Playground Records. Daktyl has obtained a vast array of mainstream radio support from stations such as BBC Radio 1 and wonextensive exposure on tastemaking underground radio station Rinse FM alongside pioneering DJs such as Plastician to name a few.This has led to a surge with his fanbase culminating over 500,000 plays in less than a year.

The forthcoming EP 101 is an audio gift, a fantastical midnight excursion through eclectic beats and sublime atmospherics which consists of four leftfield tracks entitled ‘Truth’, ‘Nobody makes me feel the way you do’, ‘Do without’ and ‘Found’.

‘Truth’ is the first single from the upcoming EP with vocals sung by Daktyl. As a truly luscious track, it reveals a minimalist approach adding ghostly and spacey atmospherics. Fusing an intricate blend of trap, chillwave, electronica and soul, Daktyl’s talent for embroidering interesting beats, emotional cinematic jazz and soul along with ethereal atmospherics and vocals shows his capability as a forward thinking producer. Blurring the genre lines its easy to see his influences from the likes of Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and Cashmere Cat whilst still maintaining his own identity. This is one of those records that makes you want to put on your headphones, close your eyes and drift off.


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