Austrian musician Ro Bergman releases irresistible indie EP

           Image credit: Peter Rigaud

Usually when one thinks of Austrian music, the classical comes to mind including Franz Schubert with his early romanticism work, Johann Strauss I and his legendary waltzes as well as several Wolfgangs (including Mozart with his prolific and highly influential works). Stepping into the 21st century, we’re met with Parov Stelar and his irresistible electro-swing stylings. Within the indie realm, you’ll encounter Ro Bergman who has just released his latest EP, Hi-Lo via his own imprint. 

Stream/ download: Hi-Lo EP

The artist was formally trained in the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, where he originally hails from. However, his love for travel has taken him around the globe, eventually landing in the small Alpine town of Kitzbühel, where he currently lives. Ro Bergman’s Hi-Lo EP touches on positivity, romance and genuine expression, all wrapped up in light indie tones. The result is gentle listening, perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the sun. 

The indie-rocker shares the inspiration behind the EP: “The EP Hi-Lo is a reflection of what I felt over the last 1 1/2 years. It’s full of contrast, desire and truth.”

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By Sarah Britton