Tommy Genesis is an artist of her own kind with new anthem “Art”

Tumblr Queen and self-proclaimed ‘fetish rapper’ Tommy Genesis is being hailed as ‘one to watch’, after being voted 29 in ‘Dazed 100 Creatives Shaping Youth Culture’ at the beginning of this year. When she was signed by Atlanta’s cult rap producer Father to Awful Records — an independent label and community of DIY artists and released her debut album World Vision, despite its explicit content its slick production has been likened to Lauren Hill and Death Grips.

Since being enveloped into the Awful Records tightly knit crew, the young rapper’s debut album successfully secured her spot as hip hop’s favourite Harajuki dressing deviant and ‘Baby Demon School Girl’ cousin of Arianna Grande. Genesis has patterned a genre that is although by no means to well, erm… many traditional trap music lovers tastes, is still refreshingly her own. With no chance of commercialising her ideas in the near future, the rapper is determined to develop and maintain her leftfield sound and core feminist political stance.
“I think if you try to be unique, you’re not,” she says. “Just like if you try to be the same, you can’t fit in. There are no rules. There are no requirements. The only way you can set yourself apart is to be yourself – genuinely, honestly you.”

Genesis’ second album, World Vision 2, is set for release at the end of this month. In the meantime here is her new off-beat, low key mono trap track Art which has the slick retro production of electro King Johnny Jewel. Released 2 days ago… we shall let you judge for yourself, as the jury is out on this one:

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