Ticketmaster unveils ‘all-in’ pricing model that eliminates hidden fees

In response to President Joe Biden’s call to eliminate hidden fees, Ticketmaster has decided to introduce “all-in pricing” for the benefit of fans. This move aims to provide transparency and ensure that customers are aware of the full cost upfront.


Live Nation Entertainment, the company behind Ticketmaster, revealed its plan to implement the new “all-in pricing experience” at venues and festivals across the United States starting in September. They expressed their long-standing support for this pricing model and participated in a forum at the White House, hosted by President Biden, to discuss further reforms that would benefit both artists and consumers.


With all-in pricing, fans will have the opportunity to view the total cost of tickets, including fees, right from the beginning of the purchasing process. This approach aligns with the typical shopping experience in other retail sectors, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions.


Ticketmaster and SeatGeek welcomed the introduction of all-in pricing and are actively encouraging other ticketing companies to adopt this practice. They aim to establish an industry-wide coalition that advocates for transparent pricing.


Tom See, President of Venue Nation, emphasized the importance of supporting artists and maintaining a strong connection with fans. He stated that Venue Nation would continue to champion innovative measures and reforms that protect this unique bond.


Ticketmaster faced criticism earlier this year during The Cure’s North America tour due to perceived excessive ticket fees. As a result, Ticketmaster offered partial refunds to attendees after facing pressure from both fans and artists.

The implementation of all-in pricing will commence in September, gradually expanding across the United States. Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment are committed to advocating for federal legislation that mandates all-in pricing and also believe that artists should have a say in determining resale rules.