Tessela – Rough 2 EP

Tessela presents his third release for Belgium label R&S Records.

Tessela is a hard artist to define, his previous works have been labeled Jungle, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, and pretty much every dance music genre under the sun. His style is hard and pushes the boundaries of the scene to the extreme.

His latest release, the aptly named, “Rough 2” shows that Tessela is getting harder. It’s three tracks of punchy breaks and industrial crashing that arc from funky, logical beats to the downright abstract. “Rough 2” harks back to Tessela’s old school influence with its characteristic “hardcore” sounding drums. “Butchwax,” another smartly named track, it muscles in with its prominent stomping beat, slapping you in the face with it’s sharp snares. “C’mon, lets slow dance” is Tessela at his most abstract. Whereas “Butchwax” thundered along, “C’mon, Let’s Slow Dance” moves with a sharp, “stop – start” feel, its disjointed and twists and turns in random directions. “C’mon let’s dance” is probably too abstract for club use but it’s certainly a track one can sit down to and marvel at it’s perplexity.

Tessela “Rough 2” is available now on 3 track vinyl and digital formats.

Written by Alex Lewis