Honeyblood – Honeyblood

The break up song. Usually rife with heartbreak, flaring emotions and reminiscing on what could have been. It’s become common practice to to focus on the sadness that follows the collapse of a romantic relationship… but not with Honeyblood.

Shona McVicar and Stina Tweedale refuse to sit and play the victim, they break the mould and deliver a serving of volatile, boiling rage.

“Super Rat,” arguably one the more stand-out tracks of the album, clearly gets the point across with its venomous chorus, “I will hate you forever/ Scumbag, sleaze, slime ball, grease/ You really do disgust me.” It stands firmly away from the usual apologetic, self-pitying drivel and really acts as an enormous of fresh air. “Braidburn Valley” however presents Honeyblood’s softer side with less of the sharp tongued vocals and more soft, gentle guitar work. The lyrics entwine with the guitar to create a pleasant, “Sunday morning” atmosphere.

Despite their minimal setup (predominantly vocals and guitar), Honeyblood succeed in producing songs that sound bigger than its components. “All Dragged Up” kicks and screams, thrashing about with its guitar riffs. “Killer Bangs” displays the pair’s ferocity with its punchy, pounding drums and wailing vocals.

There a few tracks that fail to stand out, however over all, Honeyblood succeed in showing that despite their size they pack a mean punch… and are not a pair to mess with!

Written by Alex Lewis