Single Review: Waves of Ethereal Shoegaze & Dream-Pop Bubble In ‘A Bottle Of Rum’ by Xiu Xiu ft. Liz Harris

Xiu Xiu ft. Liz Harris | A Bottle Of Rum | Polyvinyl Records

Release Date: 27 January, 2021

It’s difficult to describe American band Xiu Xiu in simple, straightforward terms when it comes to genre; as any fan will know, the band – currently made up of founding member Jamie Stewart, and Angela Seo – have traversed a plethora of sounds throughout their years with a striking willingness to experiment.

In their latest single release ‘A Bottle Of Rum’, the duo pair up with Grouper’s Liz Harris, in light of their upcoming duet album ‘OH NO’ out via Polyvinyl Records on March 26th.

‘A Bottle Of Rum’ glows iridescent as a shimmering blend of shoegaze and dream-pop; with the indie-experimental bliss of introspective, distant lo-fi vocals starry and kind as they glide effortlessly across the rhythmic harmony of self-assured chords and a rich atmospheric soundscape.

A steady beat glimmers with energy – the striking pound of drums segueing beautifully in a break of lavish, engulfing walls of signature euphoric shoegaze. The blend between Xiu Xiu’s use of delicate textures and the fuzz of nostalgic shoegaze one could expect from Grouper’s Liz Harris make for an engaging, dreamlike track in this collaboration.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Xiu Xiu by © Julia Brokaw