Signs of American Intelligence

We’ve been following the breadcrumbs since the release of Footwork‘ back in February. Now after much tantalising, the details for Theo Parrish’s new album ‘American Intelligence’ can be revealed!

Around a week ago white labels for Theo Parrish’s long awaited new album hit the streets of Detroit hinting at the album’s imminent release. It can now be confirmed that the album will drop November 17th. 

Sound Signature will be releasing the album as a triple LP vinyl and a 15 track CD. ‘American Intelligence’ features collaborations from the the likes of Three Chairs‘ Marcellus Pittman and Rotating Assembly guitarist Dumunie Deporres. Six of the tracks weigh in at the ten minute mark making this a hefty return for the veteran Detroit producer, whose last full release was back in 2007.

Sound clips and pre-orders can be found over on the Juno website.

Vinyl tracklisting:

A1. Footwork
A2. Cypher Delight
B1. Ah (feat. Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres)
B2. Creepcake
C1. Make No War
C2. Drive
D1. Fallen Funk
E1. Be In Yo Self (feat. Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres)
F1. Helmutlampshade

CD tracklisting:


1. Drive
2. Life Spice
3. Welcome Back
4. Tympanic Warfare
5. Fallen Funk
6. Ah feat. Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah, Duminie Deporres
7. Make No War

1. Cypher Delight
2. …There Here
3. Thug Irony
4. Creepcake
5. I Enjoy Watching You feat Sass & Ruby
6. Helmut Lampshade
7. Be In Yo Selffeat. Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres
8. Footwork

Written by Alex Lewis