Check out the teaser for the upcoming Thriftworks release

Titled Fade, the next release for prolific and innovative producer Thriftworks, aka Jake Atlas, is due out on 3rd November and will be the first instalment of a three-part series Fade, Fader, Fadest.

With four LPs already under his belt, the tireless producer has garnered widespread acclaim from online tastemakers and also had his music featured on a GOPRO video that has received over 5 million views.

In a typically bold move for the experimental hip hop beatmaker out of Berkely, California, the three releases are set to drop before the end of the year, with the latter two episodes due out on 17th November and 1st December respectively.

The teaser video for Fade, which apparently features “things that may or may not be heard on the forthcoming TW release,” shows off Atlas’ unique, genre-bending and psychedelic production style, and is accompanied by suitably stunning visuals. Check it out below.

Fade is due out on 3rd November.

Written by Will Van de Pol