Review: Jimmy Edgar – Dreamz Come True

Jimmy Edgar and his record label Ultramajic have been working incredibly hard over the last couple of years to craft a decisive dance sound for themselves. Paired with Edgar’s background in graphic design, the label has also become a mainstay in discussions that involve particularly strong branding, and with it, they’ve become one of underground’s best kept secret weapons on the dancefloor.

The Ultramajic aesthetic features a whole host of colors and influences that meld into various shapes and sizes. None of it should make sense, and they don’t really, but in it’s incoherence, Edgar and his team manage to bring together an unique sense of direction, and the music in the Dreamz Come True EP is exactly the same manner. R&B influences take hold in songs like the aptly titled “Dreamz Come True,” which features Rochelle Jordan on vocals, while we hear a dancefloor ready piece like “iPhone,” probably appropriately titled after the number of iPhones that will be shoved into the producer’s face during his sets this festival season. “4th Dimension” and “Hydrant” nestle somewhere inbetween (in terms of styles), mixing dancey drum patterns with melodic synths.

Overall, the EP is exactly what I would come to expect from Jimmy Edgar. It’s emotional and catching, while still providing enough touches of dance music that we’ll be sure to hear at festivals to come.

Purchase Dreamz Come True via Beatport.