Noname Gypsy and SPZRKT come together for “All I Need”

Noname Gypsy is largely known for her work with Chance the Rapper, but she’s much more than just a special guest from Chicago. The young lyricist has been gearing up for a much-anticipated mixtape, and we’re excited to hear her start to release work in preparation of a day many have been waiting for.

This time around, she’s teamed up with SPZRKT to release “All I Need,” which sees production with Saba, THEM PEOPLE, and Phoelix, and sees the talented poet weaving beautiful words through an equally beautiful piece of production. Along with the track she released with Saba, “Open Apology,” she’s making us have high hopes for her full length project.

No word on the release date, but the song is available as a free download.

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