Listen to hyper-pop hysteria on Jenny Alien’s new album, ‘Massive Love Bangers’ Out Now

After putting out a flurry of hot singles, viral videos, and a series of voracious live sets, Brooklyn-based producer and singer Jenny Alien follows up her 2022 debut LP with ‘Massive Love Bangers’. Released on 15 November, the huge 11-track offering is a non-stop assembly line of relatable but experimental ballads. Produced as a candid “coming of age” memoir, the new album is fresh and innovative – blending industrial noise with pop sensation. Written and self-produced by the hyper-pop princess, this new album showcases Alien’s trademark punk approach to extreme electronic music. Originally from Chicago, the avante garde auteur has already scoured the globe; from the London underground to the New York Subway in search of immaculate vibes. Intermingling her condensed influences with insightfully honest and playfully twee lyrics; Jenny’s experimental approach sees her daring vocals cover a variety of styles and magical modulations. Stream her new album now:



Audaciously titled, the 32-minute release, ‘Massive Love Bangers’, is only Alien’s second album but lives up to its claim with cutting-edge creativity and a clear sense of cohesion. As brazen in its approach to production, as it is with its subject matter, the LP sparkles with Jenny Alien’s rebellious punk spirit. Balancing the bright atmosphere and optimism of 80’s arena pop with ultra-modern, hyper-fast production work, the opening track, ‘Summer Fling’ is comprised of Jenny’s myriad underground and mainstream influences. Showcasing her expertise in both UK underground and New York chic. Watch the visualizer for the already viral single below:



‘Massive Love Bangers’ is only the beginning for the entity currently known as Jenny Alien, as her commitment to exploring the universe of human emotions propels her along this cruise through the heavens. From the bouncing new-wave beats on ‘Heart Attack’, the brooding shoegaze guitars on ‘Dark Summer’, and to the hilariously camp lyrics driving ‘Corner Store’, each track takes listeners on an intimate journey. Offering an evocative take on new beginnings, heartbreak, and independence. Embarrassingly sincere and yet also tongue-in-cheek, Jenny Alien’s pop stylings are just taking off into the stratosphere. Where her next sonic foray might take her (Mars?) is anyone’s guess, however, our ears are ready to believe.

Jenny expanded on how she conceives of her new album: “‘Massive Love Bangers’ is an unabashed pop compilation of love and heartbreak, and is embarrassingly sincere. It’s pop and chaotic, punk at moments, then ends on a stripped-down guitar ballad – an emotional arch similar to the craziness of what my experience of falling in and out of love feels like. Dance, cry, scream, make up, make out (I don’t care), while I open up about my love life, partying, sex, drugs, queerness, and everything in between.”


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