Donna Lewis shares an intimate LP of resilience and hope with ‘Rooms With A View’

Celebrated singer-songwriter Donna Lewis unveiled her latest album, Rooms With A View, on April 26, 2024. A collaboration between the multi-platinum musician and renowned electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives, the LP chronicles and explores Donna’s multidimensional and courageous journey battle with breast cancer. Donna Lewis is renowned for her timeless love ballad, ‘I Love You, Always Forever’, which topped the Billboard chart and was #5 on the UK chart. This year, she marks a poignant milestone, not just in her career but in her personal life. Intended to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her hit in 2021, Donna’s journey took an unexpected turn with a breast cancer diagnosis. Through the healing power of music, she and acclaimed producer Holmes Ives channeled adversity into artistry, creating an album that resonates with hope and resilience. Donna is an ambassador for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the nation’s largest and most impactful breast cancer movement. To donate this worthy cause and learn more about the album, visit:


All done remotely (they have yet to meet in person), musical ideas were passed back and forth and Holmes worked up tracks for Donna to write lyrics to. As Donna wrote, she realized each set of lyrics reflected a chapter of her past year. Originally planned as a four-track EP, it evolved into an album to capture the journey’s depth. Donna’s poignant lyrics, paired with her passionate vocals, blended perfectly with Holmes Ives’ dynamic trip hop meets alt-pop soundscapes. The result is a powerful testament to strength, gratitude, and overcoming fears.


“It is an offering of hope for anyone going through a dark tunnel. I am forever grateful to share it with you,” Donna divulged. “The instrumental tracks that Holmes Ives sent me coaxed the lyrics from the pages of my journals and inspired an album of stories, unlocking fears, and the climb to a healthier me – mind, body and spirit”. 


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