BBC Introducing Dance: BBC 1 Radio Announces New Slot To Highlight Up & Coming Electronic Artists

As almost half the world’s population finds themselves in home lockdown during this extremely difficult time:

(We hope you are all staying safe, keeping healthy and taking care of your mental health!)

We are continuing to find new ways to keep up morale, keep busy and stay sane – and one of the best ways to do so is no doubt delving into the music world and finding the artists that resonate with us the most: and especially now, as the music industry is taking a huge hit, supporting artists as much as we possibly can is an absolute necessity.

In an exciting new development, BBC 1 Radio has just launched a new dance music show entitled ‘BBC Introducing Dance’ to be aired on the weekends (with the first slot aired this past Sunday, April 5th), in order to highlight new and upcoming artists in the electronic music industry. Highly celebrated journalist, broadcaster / radio host and DJ Jaguar will be hosting the 30-minute slot every Sunday night / Monday morning at 12:30am (UK time – GMT+1).

The slot is now aired right before BBC Radio 1‘s residency, which features the most famous and well-known artists in the electronic music industry. The choice to begin airing BBC Introducing Dance is a fantastic initiative as it allows for ‘smaller‘ and upcoming DJs, producers and artists to receive exposure and airtime, hopefully allowing these talented individuals to break through into the mainstream –  and of course, provide us with a ton of new music we may not have been able to find before.

Artists being encouraged to share their music using the BBC Uploader.

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