TP MIX #104- Barem

Buenos Aires DJ/ Producer Barem drops a Promo Mix to get you ready for our night at KOKO this Saturday, 16th August 2014.

Barem provides a perfect example of the new breed of electronic musician brought up in the Digital Age, using intuitive software like Reason and Ableton to express emotion and ideas. He spent his early days playing blues & rock guitar in various bands but longed for a more purer form of self-expression, he later found such a thing within the world of electronic music.

His first EP “Kleine,” released through the free label Unfound Sound, featured the track “Suki” which gained a lot of attention from prominent DJs. His first vinyl LP, “Campo Madness,” was released through Foundsound and after some encouragement from Ritchie Hawtin he submitted some demos to Minus. “Opal” was featured on the Mix2Max LP and kick started tours across the US and Europe, this was followed by two more releases on Minus. 2007 saw the release of his “Never Better Than Late” EP before 2008’s superb “Kolimar” EP signalled a distinctive evolution of his sound, adding organic, house inflected grooves to his repertoire. Listening to both EPs, it’s clear Barem concentrates most energy into creating the powerful bass lines that underpin his work. His expansive use of reverb and delay create space for subtle percussive elements to skip and snake while distant, sometimes eerie melodies occur on random, secondary levels as a result of these interacting elements.

Catch Barem performing alongside James Lavelle (U.N.K.L.E), Derrick May, A Guy Called Gerald – Live In Session, French Kiwi Juice – Live, Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas) and Let The Machines Do The Work this Saturday, 16th August at KOKO!

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