AISTÈ is a powerhouse artist-musician based in East London. Originally from the Baltics, she lived all over Europe until settling in the UK. After graduating from LSE, she began her life’s work on music. Her first-ever R&B-infused release ‘Say When’ appeared in 2019. Since then, every new release proves that she’s destined for greatness. She says, “Now I feel that the learning phase is over, and I’m ready to deliver the real goods”. Hence, since the Summer of 2022, she’s been working on her debut album. The album that she’s managed to write in its entirety in a single day! She’s notably influenced by the Stax Records artists, Jimi Hendrix, Cleo Sol, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, “[…] anything that comes from an open heart to talk to another.” She also produces, choreographs, and edits her music videos. The ‘Money is Life’ video has been nominated in the Best Director category at the 2020 KlipVid Awards: the empowering anti-capitalistic lyrics, sarcastic tone, and girl-power stance bring voice to the notion of freedom, the idiosyncrasies of modern life, and the question at the forefront of both: “Is this what our dreams are made of?”. Currently, she’s polishing her debut album for the ultimate experience. Once it is released, she’ll be touring Europe and maybe even the US. “I’ll do anything to make sure that as many people as possible hear this. It’s so much bigger than me. I’m hella excited!”

Saphira Record Label