Ziúr’s Visceral, Multi-Dimensional Expression of Solidarity in ‘ATØ’

Ziúr | ATØ | Planet Mu

Release Date: 15 November, 2019

Feature Image: Ziúr by Marc Krause / Styling by Rocco Kowalski for Fader

Allowing others to witness a vulnerable interpretation of the self is one of the most powerful tools that come with creativity; an ability to express oneself where words fall short – communicating the intricacies of a personal narrative without the convolution of language, building worlds that are not only inhabitable by the individual, but by many others. The ability to sculpt an experience through a soundscape opens a door for listeners to relate, to be immersed and traverse the narrative alongside the creator – to feel comforted, emotional, tender, raw – and often, through these experiences, a whole lot less alone.

Berlin musician and producer Ziúr toys with the complexity of the human experience through her sound, dotted with a bold personality that billows with textural experimentation; the sprouting refresh of breaking the mold, unafraid to venture outside the confines of genre in a manner rich and emotive – standing out vividly amongst the bustling Berlin club scene. Following her 2017 debut album ‘U Feel Anything?’ on beloved electronic labels Planet Mu & Objects Ltd, Ziúr returns with ‘ATØ’ – blooming with personal growth as a musician, while simultaneously presenting an intimate experience that glitters in solidarity with the listeners, encouraging respect, celebration and expression of the self – a breakaway from the oppressive chains that shackle us to an often unforgiving society.

Phantom synths swell in greeting as ‘I Vanish’ opens with reverb soaked ghosts, a somber bassline strong yet wistful as Ziúr’s vocals sing sweet; tinged with an otherworldly melancholy, saccharine and unearthly. A dreamlike synth melody swirls slowly amongst gentle waves of textural electronics, tender yet cinematic as powerful percussion shimmers in the intricate soundscape – thoughtful and personal in its emotional journey.

All Lessons Unlearned’ glows galactic in extraterrestrial synths, alien timbres gleaming with experimentation in it’s lucid aura; the track segueing lovingly into a rhythmic R&B dance, featuring Samantha Urbani’s rich velveteen vocals in a gleaming tango with curious, optimistic marimbas and spacey undulating synths; weaving colour into the spirited and driven accompanying beat.

A collage of reversed percussive strikes open ‘Unclaim’, ringing with abstraction; Ziúr’s experimentation with timbre playful in it’s eclectic nature, the obscure palette of multi-layered textures forming a hypnotic patchwork of sound that one would find only on dancefloors of the cosmos. Studded with cacophonous electronics, stuttered industrial time-signatures and  confident distorted pulses, the track sprawls out amidst a haze of digital shimmer and static waves.

ATØ’ showcases Ziúr’s ability to create electrifying ethereal soundscapes, building aural narratives that are striking and gritty; breaking away from the perception of ‘club music’ in a dramatic genre-defiance while still remaining animated and playful – and the album is, in the words of Ziúr herself via bandcamp:

In support of all people who struggle finding a place in this world, who are having trouble being respected AND celebrated for who they are. For everyone who is part of resisting the status quo, for all survivors, outcasts and weirdos. For people who fight for their existence, every day.

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