Zeb Samuels – Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 3


For many musicians, it can be a challenge to take off the creative apron and squeeze into a stiff business suit, but not for Zeb Samuels, producer and head of the Deep Heads imprint. With his new compilation album, Cosmic Vibrations Vol. 3, he introduces listeners to a third ability: the triple-threat artist can curate a roster of musicians worthy of discussion.

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‘Sahmbe’, a collaboration between glue70, Benjac and Harry Griffiths, is a record that shifts and shuffles, alive with off-kilter rhythms. From the jump, it snaps to life. Undeniably groovy percussive hits interject an overall syncopated swing and, like a group of children jamming away on tin cans with pencils and rulers, the record feels wholly irreverent toward any seriousness, making for a fun listening experience.

Continuing the thread of rhythmic playfulness, ‘Change Your Mind’, by Jasper Tygner, sets an easier tone, perfect for a late-night drive. Reminiscent of memorable moments, the record captures the unbounded euphoria that these experiences evoke, refusing to relent until its finale.

Speaking of finales, ‘Theme 17’ is the last song on the project. Created by none other than Zeb Samuels and Byron Wallen, the electric ballad addresses the melancholy of endings without being harsh nor overly gentle. Instead, the collaborators ease us into that hollow post-listen silence, bringing us down from the rush of snares and hats before saying goodbye. 

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Image credit: Daniel Blenman

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