WMD – Deliquesce

WMD makes music that seems to talk. It is as if he is trying to tell us something. Having shared snippets of the greater dialogue, being singles Yearn’ and ‘Nowhere’, the American electronic musician Michael Erickson has finally unveiled the full conversation, his latest album, Deliquesce.

Stream / Download: WMD – Deliquesce LP

Opening the project, the title track eases listeners into WMD’s landscape, a place of gently strummed acoustic guitars, colourful frills, and a sense of self-resignation. It’s a meditative piece, wonderful in its simplicity. The focus track ‘So In Love’ carries through the sonic theme the producer established with the title track, maintaining continuity and creating an immediate sense of unity. Hollow vocals haunt, conveying a melancholic undertone. 

‘Formless’ breaks through the dark like a beam of the morning sun through a curtain left ajar. Upbeat and optimistic, the record expresses a sort of hopefulness, a faith in the proposition that things could get better. It is bright, light, and brisk. Ultimately, we hear the musician break out from his shell to show a newfound sense of possibility.

In its entirety, the album speaks to a wide array of emotions, with moments of joy and attacks of sadness. Like in life, it suffers pains and experiences bliss–as is often said, art mimics life. Exemplifying this kernel of wisdom, Deliquesce marks various moments in WMD’s journey thus far. “I’ve spent more time writing, recording, and producing Deliquesce than any other WMD release,” says Michael, letting us in. “The process followed me through some of the most emotionally desolate periods of my life.” 

Not only does art mimic life, but it also provides artists with creative release, relief through self-expression, and a personal guiding principle. For WMD, this remained true throughout the composition of his LP. ”Having this project to return to after each one gave me a purpose and goal. In a way, the demos acted as a diary to navigate my struggles with identity, stability, happiness, and isolation in the three years I spent working on them,” he shared.

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Image credit: Michael Erickson