Weekly Roundup: what we have on repeat

Image by Agata Ferrando

From vintage 80’s Euro-synthwave to experimental West African IDM, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:

Ikram Bouloum – Ha-bb 5 (EP)


As a conversation between the sounds of Bouloum’s Moroccan heritage and the aesthetics of Western electronic music, Ha-bb5 establishes itself as a fascinating debut from the Barcelona based producer. Interpreting the sounds of her culture through dub and avant-garde influences, Bouloum creates a collection that radically repositions this sonic history, perhaps none more so than on Ineia. The EP is accompanied by lyric videos for each track, animated by 3D artist Goretexdealer, and is released via So Urgent.

ELKKA – Euphoric Melodies (LP)

Making her debut on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour label, London Dj and producer Elkka’s Euphoric Melodies is a blooming, pulsing body of work full of hedonistic desire. It’s a gorgeously layered collection of tracks that feel both intimate and entirely transcendent, a celebration of femininity and the joys of being alive. Opening track Burnt Orange oozes sensuality, and explodes into a beat that makes it impossible to sit still, setting the tone for an exhilarating journey into Elkka’s world. Download it here

Electric Party -PLAY (EP)

As a re-issue of a selection of Amsterdam synthwave outfit Electric Party’s tracks and previously unreleased material, PLAY is a total time warp back to the electrifying moment of Amsterdam in the 80’s released via knekelhuis. With elements of new wave and funky experimental disco, Electric Party’s brand of synth driven dance music exists under the lights of neon soaked nightclubs and in electric blue eyeshadow, now remastered for today. It’s an essential rediscovery of a bygone era that shaped electronic music as we know it. Download it here.

Various Artists- ARSIP 001 (EP)

The debut LP from Indonesian label NON ARCHIVE is an exploration into the contemporary sounds of Indonesian underground culture and club music. Across 19 largely experimental tracks, young artists and producers from across 5 cities in Indonesia create a throbbing, menacing look into their urban culture drawing largely from trance, industrial and techno influences. N.I.G.H.T (ft Jack Donn) from Tanamur is a pounding garage track, with a distorted throbbing baseline and racing breakbeats. Listen to it below, and download the LP here.

IBAAKU – Neo Dakar Vol. 1 

Senegalese producer Ibaaku’s new album is a full dive into afrofuturist imaginings. With influences of glitch, trip-hop and hyper pop age club music, Neo Dakar Vol.1 creates abstract sonic collages anchored by traditional West African sounds on a genre bending journey into experimental African electronica. The album is released via Miziku Tey and is available to download here. Listen to standout track Mystere des Affaires Etranges below: