Watch Dâm-Funk Sell Synths From His Car Boot

If you’re Los Angeles based producer and all round cool motherfunker Dâm-Funk, how do you chill on a hazy day close to the end of the summertime? Easy. You pitch up with a bunch of synthesizers (“nothing high end, just some fun stuff”) in the trunk of your motor and pick up some passing trade. Filmmaker Ross Harris happened to be on hand to film this impromptu boot sale.

“That’s the kind of fun I’m trying to bring to the game,” says Dâm. “Instead of keepin’ it real, sometimes we should keep it fantasy.”

Given that Dâm-Funk has just released his 20-track, 80-minute second album Invite The Light featuring Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, Flea, Ariel Pink, Junie Morrison, Jody Watley, Computer Jay, Nite Jewel, JimiJames, Jane Jupiter, Novena Carmel, Leon Sylvers III and IV we reckon he’s pretty much entitled to kick back any way he pleases. Watch the master salesman at work:

Visit the Stones Throw website for more information.

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