Warp Records To Release 2nd Shobaleader One Album

Warp Records have announced the upcoming release of another album from Shobaleader One, electro-visionary Squarepusher’s 4-piece band. Elektrak will feature live versions of 11 “Squarepusher classics”, and is due out on the 10th of March.

Squarepusher has put out more than a dozen records with Warp, most recently 2015’s Damogen Furies, an album that encompassed “nightmarish drill ‘n bass and the early work of electric jazz pioneers.”

Known for their high-energy and aurally engrossing performances, Elektrak faithfully captures the chemistry and passion of a Shobaleader One live show.

Full tracklist for Shobaleader One’s Elektrak

01. The Swifty
02. Coopers World
03. Don’t Go Plastic
04. Iambic 5 Poetry
05. Squarepusher Theme
06. E8 Boogie
07. Deep Fried Pizza
08. Megazine
09. Delta-V
10. Anstromm Feck 4
11. Journey To Reedham

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