Visionary Artist Clarian makes history as first artist to auction album, “Whale Shark”, as NFT ahead of Kings Of Leon

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Darling eccentric Clarian North has just beaten Kings of Leon off with his announcement of the first-ever NFT Music Album Launch. Issuing a challenge to the control that streaming giants such as Spotify have established, Clarian is betting he will sell his aptly titled new album Whale Shark for nothing less than 100 thousand dollars in Ethereum. The auction of the NFT of Whale Shark is now live and being auctioned for a limited duration, ending on March 20, 2021. In terms of artists in the virtual arena, this is earth-shattering stuff. And the earth’s crust has no promise of cooling, with seismic shifts being introduced by the means of this, Golden Spoon will be the springboard for this first-ever launch into a new musical era as of March 4th, 2021. The first artist to make an offering in the form of a complete one-of-a-kind album, and with the promise of publishing rights to the album – ad infinitum, Clarian North is trailblazing in the art of NFT

The virtual world is currently abuzz and it’s all abuzz with NFT’s! So what is an NFT? NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’, which basically deems to represent something as entirely unique. This non-fungi movement has been growing for some time though, and our musical muses have already been playing around with this in several artistic forms. Grimes was, of course, a forerunner with this, selling a literal piece of her soul in a 50-second video clip as an NFT, and other artists like Yaeji (with her digital ‘Pet fish’) and Mura Masa’s series of ‘Glyphs’) have been riding the wave too! Recently artist 3LAU made headlines for the distribution of his 33 tokens, where fans could bid for access to various unique musical access (including a chance to collaborate with 3LAU on a brand new single.) 

While in the past corporations like SoundCloud were cutting off artists’ access to their own exclusivity, the rise of NFT rips this access right out of their hands and places this firmly in the hands of the artists themselves. No longer a free for all, artists can now leverage the exclusivity and rarity of what they have to offer, and the pendulum is swinging us right off of our virtual feet!

Join the birthing of this online virtual revolution with Clarian North and get bidding below: 

Enter the Whale Shark NFT Auction

Watch Clarian North provide an artist’s statement here

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