Virtual “Summer School” Announced By Downtown Music As COVID-19 Forces Cancellation Of Traditional Internships

Downtown Music Holdings / Publishing have announced a new virtual “summer school” to assist those who cannot attend regular summer internships due to COVID-19 in order to kick start their careers.

Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most severe changes we have had to make to our daily lives, with our “normal” life being disrupted in the most extreme ways.

In order to adapt as we work through making it through the pandemic, especially when it comes to education and the music industry – which is largely required to have close contact in order to not function – many have turned from experiences in real life, to virtual solutions – which has been a lifesaver for many: especially in this time, we can say this quite literally.

It is common for high school and college students to take on Summer internships in the Northern Hemisphere in particular, which has of course been halted due to public safety concerns. This leaves a plethora of students without internships in order to gain the initial skills to begin their careers in the music industry – losing out on work training and networking skills.

In order to adapt and assist students in the US (one of the countries that has been devastated more so than any other by the coronavirus) along with those missing out on internships and classes worldwide – Downtown Music Holdings, one of the most well-renowned music publishing companies, have announced they will be holding “Downtown Summer School”, a free week long virtual initiative packed with classes for those who wish to attend online.

With COVID-19 forcing much of the music industry to cancel summer internships, Downtown is reimagining its internships and bringing the best of our program directly to you.  Please join us for Downtown Summer School: ten sessions across one week including panels and Q&A with executives from Downtown’s portfolio and behind-the-scenes interviews with leading industry professionals. This free program is geared towards individuals at the beginning of their music business careers, but is open to anyone interested in joining.

The week-long initiative is scheduled to take place beginning on July 27th, and if you are interested (anywhere on the globe) – all you need is a computer and internet access and can sign up via their website here.

Make sure to sign up before July 22nd.

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