TP MIX #106- Vin Sol

DJ, producer and co-head of San Francisco’s Soo Wavey record label Vin Sol is the latest to share a mix with The Playground, throwing “classics, new joints and some weirdo stuff for good measure” into his hour-long offering.

We also caught up with Vin to chat about his apprenticeship-style introduction DJing, working with his good friend Matrixxman and all things Soo Wavey, including the label’s recent 10th release courtesy of LA newcomer EN.

Hi Vin, how are you and what have you been up to today?

I’m great. I rode my bike to the beach, had some vegan food and an iced coffee. Then got back to Soo Wavey HQ, worked on some tunes and busted out this mix for you guys.

Thanks for the mix, what can you tell us about it?

Just played a bunch of jams I have been playing out: classics, new joints and some weirdo stuff for good measure. Stuff from homies and lots of wax, as usual. I’m always inspired by the WBMX style of DJing, which entails lots of risks coupled with wild ass records. It’s an honest depiction of my mind state in relation to DJ sets.

You’ve been DJing for quite a while now; can you tell us a bit about how you got into it and what it was like in those early days for you?

I’ve spent half my life as a DJ. I always made mixtapes (when I was younger) off of cassette players. I remember this dude who lived on my block named Marvin. His older brother would DJ at the rec center and I thought it was cool that you could keep the tunes rolling back to back. I think that planted the seed but when I heard a three deck mix I was like “I gotta do this, this is the thing.” Once I got my decks, I was groomed by older cats who made me carry their crates and all that old school shit. These guys would take me digging, putting me on to music I didn’t know. It was cool. I feel like I learned it the right way. That kinda thing is rare these days. Most people learn everything from the internet, which is fine but I feel like my connection to it is pretty deep because of the way I learned. That particular method is not for everyone. I mean, these dudes were harsh on me. If I missed a mix I didn’t get to DJ for a couple of weeks.

Sounds like a proper apprenticeship. How did you get into working on your own productions?

I got an MPC and just hammered away on it, making beats. Eventually I got my 909 and started making full on house trax and disco edits. None of my DJ pals at the time were really making music so I had to figure it out on my own.

How did you and Matrixxman start working together?

We had a chance meeting in NYC. I had a gig at Studio B in Brooklyn and at the time Matrixxman was living in Harlem. We met through mutual friends while getting pizza next to the Chelsea Hotel. So homeboy ended up moving to San Francisco and I was over making tunes in my living room. He had a room at different fur studio in the mission district so we were in the same room working on our own stuff and slowly started to collaborate. I eventually built what is now Soo Wavey HQ and then left for NYC for a year. When I returned we got serious and started the label.

What were some of the reasons behind the decision to setup Soo Wavey? 

It was just the next logical step. We had our vision and acted on it.

What have been some of the biggest challenges and most rewarding moments in the label’s history?

I think the biggest challenge is getting the wax pressed up on time. So many people are pressing wax now, so all the plants are backed up making it hard to keep a strict street date. The biggest reward is seeing our wax all over the world getting played by some of the guys who got us into dance music in the first place.

What can you tell us about the new EN release?

It’s our 10th release and the first record that wasn’t a Vin or Matrixx thing. It is just straight up raw. The remix Matrixxman and I did is very stripped back. I’m really happy with this record.

We understand EN is a newcomer, can you tell us a little bit about this intriguing artist?

He is a dude from Los Angeles who sent us some real compelling demos so we simply put them out.

What do you have coming up in the future, in terms of your own output as well as Soo Wavey releases?

Lots of new music on the way. My biggest release to date should be dropping late November. I remixed Alden Tyrell for Delft and I put that on this mix for you guys. Matrixxman and I have collab EP on Icee Hot that they just announced and a few more things on the way that I’m keeping tight for now. Soo Wavey will be in full steam ahead in 2015.

EN Communication is out now through Soo Wavey.

Vin Sol – The Playground MIx Tracklist:
1. Snacks – Purdie (Prosumer remix)
2. Sundowners ft. Mystic Bill – Jungle Line (Dungeon Meat Downlow Dub)
3. Matrixxman – Venetian Mask
4. Gene Farris – The Deputy
5.  D.E.B Project  – Visions of the Future (Wrecking Shop 96 Mix)
6. Gary Low – I Want You (Prince Language edit)
7. I.M.S – Dancing Therapy
8. Drew Sky – Temper Tantrum
9. Alden Tyrell – Acid 3 (Vin Sol Remix)
10. Mike Huckaby – Musik for the Dancefloor
11. Tripeo – Nargy
12. Aaron Carl – Crucified (XBD edit)
13.Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Crab at the Green Hunter (Loco Dice RMX)
14.Rocky Jones – The Choice of a New Generation (Deep Underground mix)
15. Heartthrob – Cougar Juice Dub
16. Clarence  – Clarence G’s Club

Written by Will Van de Pol