Vimeo Round-Up: 15 Hypnotic Animated Music Videos From 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Vimeo; a filmmaker’s best friend, and a genuinely accessible platform for professionals as well as independent works. Perhaps one of the best aspects of Vimeo is the ability to find videos never before seen, and that leads us on a wonderland journey into the world of animated music videos!

We have put together a list of some of the most intriguing, beautiful and awe-inspiring animated videos found on Vimeo from 2018. Diverse in style, nature and experimentation; each video brings something refreshingly new to the table.

LUC – ‘Glow

Wasuremono – ‘Holy Now

Rone – ‘Origami

Max Cooper – ‘Incompleteness’

Gravistyk – ‘Agnostic Preach

Talos – ‘D.O.A.M. Part III

Computer Magic – ‘PERFECT GAME

Frank Lead – ‘Blossom Through


Knightstown – ‘Keep

Night Cadet – ‘Never Fall

Leon Lour – ‘All Our Dreams’ (Music Video Series 1/4)

Paul White feat. Shungudzo – ‘Spare Gold

Tamara Qaddoumi – ‘Flowers Will Rot

MIKE SHINODA – ‘Make It Up As I Go

Did you enjoy our list? What are your favourite animated music videos from 2018?

Let us know in the comments!

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