VICE article exposes racism, sexism, and harassment at Beatport

An article published by VICE yesterday investigates allegations of racism, sexism, and harassment at Beatport. Written by reporter Annbel Ross for VICE’s music blog Noisey, the article profiles former employees’ experiences at Beatport, calling it “a workplace where fear ruled.” 

In the article, Ross explores and exposes allegations made against significant people of power at Beatport, including CEO Rob McDaniels. McDaniels is accused of casual racism, after one former employee notes how he refused to post #BLM related content in fear that it might “alienate their core customer base.” He has responded to the accusations stating that they are “false.” Others named in allegations include chief revenue officer Jonas Tempel and former Berlin office general manager Terry Weerasinghe, with a number of staff members feeling “that cultural insensitivity towards minorities and women was an ongoing issue.” This is despite Beatport’s outward promotion of diversity and inclusivity in electronic music. 

In light of the article, Black Artists Database (B.A.D) has cut ties with Beatportal, Beatport’s editorial division. B.A.D and Beatport entered into a working relationship late last year, with B.A.D launching Beatport integration with its database. B.A.D co-founder NIKS meanwhile, began a month-long guest editor position at Beatportal this month. In a statement released on their Instagram today, B.A.D writes, “Once we have conducted our internal review, we will return with further course of action.” 


Read the VICE article in full here. See B.A.D’s statement below.