Unpropped – Acausality

When we last chatted with Unpropped (read the interview), he spoke a bit about his debut EP. Now, just a couple of months later, the project is here. Titled Acausality, the EP is as much a place as it is a collection of sounds. Once there, you will quickly find yourself delving into a deep body of gritty texture and metallic hues. You may be wondering, how was this project created?

“This EP follows an unpublished 9-track album I had been putting together during 2021 and 2022. Nevertheless, I decided not to go on with the concept of that album and instead started to focus on the elements that made those specific tracks so captivating to me,” said Unpropped

Stream / Download: Unpropped – Acausality

The focus track, ‘Inner’, is best described as tonal. Less about melody and missing chords, the track is one long sustained note, with new sounds coming and going as if attempting to force a shift but not managing to move the indomitable note.

Intent on creating something new from the old, the producer gave rise to his very first EP. He continues: “How could I amplify those particular atmospheres which resonate much more with my own way of perceiving emotions, dreams, nature, society, and the world in general? Acausality is the earliest crystallization of that exploration process.”

A personal favourite from the EP, ‘Droplet Cascade’ lives in the space between minimalism and horror movie soundtrack. Listening to it, we made thrilling new discoveries, each sound a strange new thing to turn over and analyze before freeing it into the wash of the sonic tide. Curious to know more? Listen to the full EP here:

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