Ukraine electronic music scene issues open letter against Russian aggression

The Ukraine electronic music scene has penned an open letter condemning Russia, asking for global support in the fight against Russian aggression. Multiple venues, promoters, and performers from Ukraine have signed the letter, which was released online on March 5th. 

The letter reads, “We, the representatives of the music community, see the actions of Russian promoters, DJs and artists, who keep on holding events and performing, while the military of their country is bombing our cities,” and has been signed by prominent acts including Daria Kolosova and Closer

The letter proposes four ways that the global electronic music community can support Ukraine. These include: 


  • Cutting ties and cancelling all cooperation with Russian artists, venues, and promoters who have not actively or explicitly taken action against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 


  • Refuse funding or monetary support from the Russian government or anyone affiliated with the country 


  • Demand citizens of The Russian Federation protest the war by taking to the streets or boycotting their jobs in order to sabotage the Russian State 


  • Cut ties with any representatives on the boards of organisations who are affiliated with the Russian State 

The full letter is available to read here, and includes links to information on how people can support Ukraine from abroad.