UK Police Shut Down 70 Person Rave In Shropshire: Attendee “Sick Of Self-Isolation”

Held in Granville park in Shropshire, UK – local police were forced to shut down and disperse a crowd of at least 70 people who broke physical-distancing and lockdown laws in England by holding a rave.

The world as we know it has changed exponentially, and as we endure the pandemic and begin to establish a “new normal” we cannot deny that the majority of us are having an extremely hard time coping with the stringent measures that have been put in place throughout the world – especially when it comes to physical-distancing, self-quarantine and legally being required to stay home in order to protect the most vulnerable from the disease.

(I think it’s fair to say the majority of us are going a bit mad, no matter where we are in the world as this pandemic takes a serious toll on our collective physical and mental health.)

While many of us around the world have recognised the severity of the situation, and specifically our own social responsibility that we have to take to protect ourselves and others (especially as lockdowns are being eased)  unfortunately there are those who place their own interests above the safety of themselves and others.

On Saturday, May 16th – police in Shropshire, UK were forced to shut down a rave at the Granville park that consisted of at least 70 people despite the coronavirus lockdown – evidently, this is quite a serious and incredibly selfish act. According to a tweet from local police:

According to the West Mercia Police who later confirmed the incident: the rave “appeared to be pre-planned“, with the DJ already set up.

One of the officers explained that one attendee stated they attended the rave because they were “sick of self isolation.

While we are all struggling in the midst of this extreme turbulence, this act in and of itself likely put many people at extreme risk and is just astonishingly irresponsible. 

No matter where you are in the world or what laws your country has imposed – please, please stay at home if you can, follow your government’s guidelines and take personal responsibility.

We are required to make personal sacrifices, but in the bigger picture those personal sacrifices are saving people’s lives.

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