UK Government establishes working group to investigate fair pay solutions for artists

In a move aimed at tackling the long-standing issue of fair pay for artists, a working group has been established in the UK to delve into the matter and propose potential solutions.

The decision to form the industry working group came after a recommendation made earlier this year by the CMS Committee, and the UK government has given it the green light. Comprising experts from various corners of the music industry, the group’s primary focus will be to examine how artists are compensated by streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, Chair of the Culture Media and Sports Committee, expressed her support for the formation of the working group, emphasising that it represents a step towards addressing the frustrations felt by musicians and songwriters who are receiving inadequate pay despite playing a pivotal role in the success of the music streaming industry.

The push for the working group stemmed from a call by MPs for musicians to receive 50% of their share in royalties, along with a comprehensive reevaluation of the music streaming landscape. This call came in the wake of an investigation conducted by the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, which revealed that UK record labels were raking in £736.5 million from streaming, while artists were only receiving a paltry 16% of that sum. As a result, the UK regulatory authority initiated a study into the practices of streaming services deemed to possess excessive power.

Dinenage stresses the importance of ensuring that the working group doesn’t become a mere platform for discussions but rather drives tangible change that ensures creative individuals and performers in the country are duly rewarded for their contributions. The committee intends to closely monitor the progress made by the working group while also examining broader issues concerning remuneration for artists and creators, with the aim of establishing a fairer system that enables all participants in the creative industries to share in their accomplishments.