UK garage legends Kachina return as duo, share groovy new title-track from upcoming ‘Eyes Of March’ EP

Kachina have brought out the killer title-track from their upcoming EP, ‘Eyes Of March’ via Affectionate Grooves & NexGen music. With groovy reggae-infusions and echoes of classic drum ‘n bass beats, the ‘Eyes Of March’ single is a graceful nod to UK garage history, while staying fresh with contemporary flair.

Tragedy struck earlier this year for UK garage trio Kachina, when their friend and bandmate Zurcon lost his life to cancer in April, but remaining members Rob Sparx and Wigz refused to back down and give in to despair. Zurcon’s work on the whole of the ‘Eyes Of March’ EP was indispensable, and, while Rob and Wigz will continue as a duo in the future when it comes to live shows and new records, they recognise the creation of this upcoming release as something that the original Kachina trio brought to life.

With such a strong first single from their forthcoming EP, Kachina are bound to be in for great success in the future. Let their new ‘Eyes Of March’ single take you to a carefree place of rolling rhythms, reverb-soaked vocal samples and funky basslines.

Listen to ‘Eyes Of March’ by Kachina, below.

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