UK Band Giant Sky unveil album with heart and substance

Image Credit: Hot Vox

London-based four-piece Giant Sky’s latest album Not Today released via Bloody Sunset Records will lead the mind to wander back to days when you wore too much eyeliner. Consisting of musicians Jon Hatch, Toby Mcfee, Jay Amesbury and vocalist Olivia Bond, the band have been sharing anthemic tracks that kept us sane through the lockdown. Uplifting and at times heart wrenching, listening to this album one would likely feel the need to call up a good old friend and reminisce about your adolescence.

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The band adds: “Most of these songs we wrote in lockdown, and we think it captures the emotions that many people were going through. Anger at the government, sorrow for the unfathomable amount of death and sickness happening, frustration and, ultimately, love and support. This album is a microcosm for the moment, whilst being relevant to the alienation many feel outside of the moment.”

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Each track on this album differs in mood, but the overall atmosphere encompasses hope over tragedy. Their noteworthy single ‘Human’ is a protest anthem against LGBTQ+ hate that still exists in society today, and a perfect reminder to celebrate people that have suffered the constant oppression this pride month. The video was also released with an energetic live video that will have you singing your lungs out while watching and absorbing the band’s intimate performance. Another mentionable song Home’  will have you feeling nostalgic for your younger days when you had your rock music on full blast as you thought about your future. This album overall is a massive throwback to early 2000’s rock and will definitely be a lovely addition to any playlist with its heart and substance.

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