Trio Elektro Guzzi release playfully distorted techno album Triangle


Techno band Elektro Guzzi are ready to shake the electronic sphere with their latest album Triangle. Released today via Palazzo, this eight-track work explores techno in a playful way and we are all here for it. The band have cited highly influential electronic and techno luminaries like Jeff Mills, Basic Channel, James Holden and Underground Resistance as key inspirations to their artistry.

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Hymner’ starts off the album on an ominous note with its dystopian like intro, that insinuates a society that has been broken with warped authoritarian shouting in the background, siren embellishments and pounding beats that sound like the ground is shaking. 

This tension pauses for a second with ‘Prototyp’ and its surprisingly four on the floor infused dance beat. ‘Prototyp’ also has an element of suspense with eerie reverb and other subtle ambient textures added into the mix. One cannot help but be drawn to its attention-commanding pattern. The band previously shared the inspiration behind the track: “…For us, it represents the energy and drive that we always aim for when we improvise together. All sounds happened spontaneously but blend together so well.”

Clearly an energetic and creativity liberated bunch by the sounds of it, the rest of the album is a delight for all the avid techno listeners who like more experimental textures.‘Spiral’ is a fiery and adrenaline-fuelled track with its steady beat and synth embellishments playfully cascading the hypnotic rhythm. 

‘Okra’ features the most warped and spaced-out beat pattern on this album. Despite its distorted atmosphere, one can find a subtle groove amidst the vibrant layering. Commenting on how ‘Okra’ came to be, the band shared: Okra was created at the end of a studio session, when everything was actually finished, but we still wanted to play a version. suddenly this moment happened in which we were completely lost in the track and the energy raised to another level“.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

25th March 2022 – Fluc Vienna  (A)

7th- 17th April 2022 – Germany Tour TBA (DE)

23rd April 2022 – Spielboden Dornbirn  (A)

27th April 2022 – Treibhaus Innsbruck  (A)

28th April 2022 – Rockhouse Salzburg  (A)

29th April 2022 – Kik Ried (A)

14th May 2022 – St. Petersburg Fields Festival (RU)

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  Image credit: Klaus Pichler

By Sarah Britton

Trio Elektro Guzzi release playfully distorted techno album Triangle
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