TRACK OF THE DAY: Youngr Presents Ofei – London

Still riding the eve of adoration it garnered back in 2013, it has probably come as no surprise to Ofei that this rendition of his debut track has already been so well received. 

East London singer, songwriter and producer, Ofei, joins Youngr in the studio to perform a live version of ‘London‘. The whole performance was shot in one take – this is made all the more impressive when you realise that Youngr has provided a rework of the backing track by single handedly playing and recording every instrument in the vicinity. Drums, bass, sampler and keys from Youngr’s dance beneath Ofei’s honey drenched vocals, exhibiting raw live musicianship.  

Here you have an impressive little reminder that this the kind of music you should be listening to on a Friday afternoon.  

For more information on Ofei, click here and for Youngr, head here.