TRACK OF THE DAY: Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Can’t Keep Checking My phone is about missing somebody and that point where you refuse to accept online “connectivity” as a substitute for being with someone IRL” says the Orchestra themselves. 

Taken from ‘Multi-Loveout on Jagjaguwar May 25/26, this track is groovier than a goldfish bobbing around in a platform and begs the question “Why am I always looking at my goddamn phone“? An unadulterated disco number from Unknown Mortal Orchestra is actually a well known semi-medical cure for the post-bank holiday blues. “I also read somewhere that the universe might be holographic, and in that case maybe the distance between us is just an illusion” – that, not so much. Multi-Love looks like it’s going to be their best release yet. 

Pre-order Multi-Love via Jagjaguwar here, including a limited edition SB-01 and SB-02 LP.

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