TP Mix #149 – Andrea Belfi

Italian composer Andrea Belfi shares an acoustically infused experimental mix with us today, and it’s as striking as his rich background. The producer previously opened for acclaimed alternative musician Thom Yorke on his international tour. He has also collaborated with the likes of renowned ambient musicians like Nils Frahm and Jóhann Jóhannsson. Enjoy this hour of ten richly ambient tracks that take your mind away from thoughts of chaos and disruption for its entire duration. Incorporating playful jazz and mellow acoustic instrumentation simultaneously, one can appreciate Andrea Belfi’s ability to balance this fusion with elegance.

Track List:

Gestualdo da Venosa – ‘Tenebrae Factae Sunt’

Julia Reidy – ‘Clayrvoiant’

The Necks – ‘Bloom’

Andrea Belfi –  ‘Vessels’

Bendik Giske –  ‘Live at Le Guess Who’

Mouse on Mars – ‘Cut that Fishernet’

Maria Sommerville – ‘Brighter Days’

Andrea Belfi – ‘Distante 1’

Sam Slater – ‘Darn II’

Dean Roberts – ‘Say after me’

Atahualpa Yapanqui – ‘Milonga del Solitario’

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Image credit: Roberto Brundo