Tokyo Prose – Presence LP

Sam Reed, AKA Tokyo Prose, has made waves in the Drum & Bass scene and judging by his latest release the roads look very promising for a successful future in music. 

Originally a duo, Tokyo Prose, were picked up very early by DJ Presha and his Samurai Music Label. Tokyo Prose’s sound is soulful, deep and focuses on musicality and groove. The debut, “Introducing Tokyo Prose,” firmly announced Reed’s arrival and secured both #1 and #2 spots on the Chemical Records chart in 2011. Tokyo Prose has gone on to gain the respect and support of artists like dBridge, Calibre, Lenzman, ASC and many more.

“Presence,” released on Samurai’s “Red Seal,” is the first LP from Tokyo Prose and consists of 13 warm, blissful cuts with collaborations from Lenzman, DRS, LSB and more. “Presence” is everything you’d expect from Tokyo Prose – mature, polished production, rich piano tones and deep atmosphere.

“Wont Let Me Go” features Lenzman and Fox. The intro begins with a sombre, delicate piano progression that builds a rich, soulful atmosphere. Fox’s vocals create an emotional edge and ease the listener into a gentle flow. The bass is subtle and “hums” beneath the piano giving the track a rich body. “Small Gains”  is quite Calibre-esque. The strings and piano gradually “open up” the song, gently rising before a smooth, melodic bassline drops. The three flow well together to create a warm, rolling vibe that’s perfect to mellow out to. “Ventura” bears a euphoric, PFM vibe (think “The Western”). The synths and vocals make the track feel like it’s “floating” off into the distance, whilst the bass provides a solid, flow that keeps the track grounded. “Sunsets” features LSB and DRS. The piano on the intro rocks back and forth and creates a nice, upbeat rhythm; the drums creep in gradually, dropping after a nice amen style break. DRS’ vocals flow beautifully, he delivers his words sharp and punctual giving the track a “hard” edge. “See Through Love” begins with an enigmatic intro, drums gently patter in the background whilst a “crashing wave” sound echoes off into the distance. The piano slides in gently filling the room with its tender, placid atmosphere. Much like “Small Gains” this track is one you can “sink” into, the piano effectively lulls the listener into a peaceful ease. “Waiting On” features popular vocalist Riya. The vocals and piano work in an elegant harmony to produce a rich, mature sound. “Waiting On” is some of Riya’s best work, the range of her vocals is amazing and they glide ever so smoothly. Her vocals are delicate yet dominant, they hold a firm presence throughout the song.

Tokyo Prose has delivered an outstanding debut LP, a perfect example of the mature, graceful side of Drum & Bass. Whilst it might not be an album to rave to, it’s definitely one to sit back and engross ones’ self in it’s beauty and elegancy.

“Presence” is available now as a 13 track CD, digital album, 12″ Sampler and x2 12″ LP.

Written by Alex Lewis