TikTok launched an experiment that limits users’ music options for viral videos

Popular video sharing app TikTok piloted an experiment this month aimed to investigate the importance of music to its platform and users. The experiment, which targeted TikTok’s Australian market specifically, limited the number of songs available to users for use in videos. 

Speaking to Bloomberg, TikTok said of the experiment, “This will only affect certain music and is scheduled work while we analyse how sounds are accessed and added to videos, as well as looking to improve and enhance the wider Sounds Library.” 

Labels and music industry professionals have expressed concern over the experiment. If the results find that users do not pay too much attention to the music used in videos on the platform, it may result in TikTok paying less royalties to labels and artists for use of their songs.

Over the past three years, TikTok has emerged as an essential player in the sharing of music. Multiple artists and songs have gone viral due to the app, and the sway that TikTok has on the industry has been undeniable. Songs that are over a decade old, such as Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary and Hudson Mohawke’s Cbat, have all gained newfound popularity after going viral on the app.