The Young Punx Unleashed Their Wired New Single ‘Wonderland’

By: Niki van den Heever

The Young Punx make good on their promise to release one track a month for the year 2019 as they dropped their latest single ‘Wonderland’ on 12 April. This comes as the fourth instalment and an excellent warm-up for their fourth studio album.

‘Wonderland’ is a radical deconstruction of the 80s classic ‘Club Tropicana’ originally by Wham! To the point where it’s unrecognisable. Created entirely on vintage ‘80s synths and modular analogue equipment at former Stock, Aiken and Waterman home, The Old Hit Factory studios (now owned by The Young Punx) and gaining approval from the George Michael estate as well as praise from co-writer, Andrew Ridgeley. The classic is spliced, turned upside-down and inside-out and re-imagined as a pulsing talkbox driven ItaloDisco anthem.  

Commenting on their ‘Wonderland’ single, Hal Ritson explained “Though The Young Punx have always loved to combine the widest possible range of sounds and influences, our biggest love has always been the use of 80s pop culture references. Our first ever bootleg in 2003 was the Madonna sampling ‘Dance with someone else’ – which was championed by everyone from BBC Radio 1’s Judge Jules and Annie Nightingale to Mixmag and foreshadowed the 80s-sampling ‘Call On Me’ era dance craze that followed. As we warm up for our 4th album, it’s great to have a chance to turn an 80s classic on its head once again.”

Listen to ‘Wonderland’ here.

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