The Toxic Avenger appears in Saint Mars’ dreams bearing synthwave remix

Saint Mars had a dream: according to the records The Last Dream Ever Made’ until The Toxic Avenger came along and turned it into a two-piece synthwave masterpiece. The international indie band Saint Mars have had their next anti-bullying anthem remixed by the renowned French producer The Toxic Avenger with a triple meter remix to round things off. Earlier this year, The Toxic Avenger released his own EP, Shifted, during which we sat down for an exclusive interview to learn the ways of the synthmaster. The EPs numbers have quickly been climbing since its release.

Stream / Download: ‘The Last Dream Ever Made (The Toxic Avenger Remix)’

The Toxic Avenger isn’t the first to take a crack at Saint Mars’ music. The band released a trio of remixes last year for their hit single, ‘Ocean Blues’ for which well-known artists such as Juche, Lost Years and Droid Bishop stepped forward. The remixes tested the world of wave music, dancing between genres and proving the immense versatility of the music. The Toxic Avenger’s take on ‘The Last Dream Ever Made’ lends itself to the dark underworld, enrobing Tryzdin’s vocals in witch-house synths and tidal basslines while providing an element of power to the song.

The Toxic Avenger takes us through on the remix: “I don’t often do a double remix so I guess ‘The last dream ever made’ was really inspiring. I worked on the 2 remixes as if it was a two-part song, almost a mini odyssey. I always love doing remixes of pop songs more than strictly electronic music. They give me way more room to shape my own sound with the big help of the original song!”

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Image credit: Kevin Deviercy

By Sarah Britton