The Rainbyrds – Emerging London-based band unveils ‘My Love is Your Lover’ from new album ‘Afterworld’

Based in south London, The Rainbyrds are Audley (vocals, bass, guitar) and Richard (guitars) and are inspired by folk rock and psychedelic soul and themes of alienation, invisibility, and disorientation. They met at Morley College in 2023 and took courses in music production and performance. Audley previously co-wrote songs and played bass with Art Terry – host of Resonance FM’s Is Black Music? And  ‘400 Years‘, received support from Resonance FM‘s Safe+Sound programme. The Rainbyrds will play tracks from ‘Afterworld’ at the Catford Weekender on 28th June.


The tracks on Afterworld mostly comprise remixes of EPs and singles released since the beginning of 2023 namely: Afterworld’, Parallel Life, What Really Matters’, and ‘Walter’. 


‘My Love is Your Lover’ begins with a pulsating open hi-hat drum groove that sets the foundation for a lyrical safari through themes of broken love affairs and being mistreated. Reminiscent of the classic Deep Purple song ‘Mistreated’  The Rainbyrds offer up a testament to the strength of true love. Be the first to listen to it below and stream/ buy their album, Afterworld here.




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